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MPM-B.1 Abelquist, EW: Summary of and Rationale for Governance Changes
WAM-A.8 Abergel, RJ: New decorporation strategies for reducing risk from intakes of lanthanides and actinides
TPM-B.8 Allehyani, SH: Assessment of Reference Dose Associated with Computed Tomography Examination
WAM-F.2 Alleman, LA: Modernizing the Nuclear Test Personnel Review Database and Work Flow Elements
TPM-F.7 Alshahrani, AM: Use of the UMass Lowell Research Reactor for the Production of Stable and Radioactive Gold Nanoparticles
WPM-B.4 Ando, R: Connecting Science and Life with Trust
THAM-B.4 Ansari, A: A Communication Tool for Use in Nuclear/Radiological Emergencies – Development and Testing
TPM-A.2 Ansari, A: Importance of Audience Research in Communicating Radiological Health Information
TAM-B.1 Arib, M: Testing the IAEA TRS483 Code of Practice for Small Fields Dosimetrynat King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre
WPM-D.5 Arib, M: Regional Intercomparison on Hp(10) Measurements Using TLD and OSL
MPM-A.3 Asamoto, BS: The Use of Smart Scintillation Detectors in Installed and Portable Health Physics Instruments
TAM-C.3 Avtandilashvili, M: Macrodistribution of Plutonium among Dosimetric Compartments of the Human Respiratory Tract
MPM-E.2 Ball, KF: Hidex Triple Label Quench Curve - Part II
MPM-E.3 Ball, KB: Transition from Beckman Coulter and Perkin Elmer to the Hidex Counting Equipment
MPM-A.4 Beinlich, UF: Radioactive Standards for Instrument Calibration
WPM-A.5 Berry, KE: Fostering Empathy Through Shared Experiences
WAM-F.1 Blake, PK: The History of Department of Defense's Nuclear Test Personnel Review
MPM-A.5 Boodhun, AS: Hidex Scintillation and Gamma Counters
WPM-D.4 Boyd, MA: An Introduction to Federal Guidance Report No. 15
WPM-E2.4 Bragg, PB: Investigation of the Airborne Release Fraction During Rapid Oxidation of Depleted Uranium Metal
WPM-B.5 Brandl, Al: Moving from Lecturing on Data to Communicating Content
MPM-B.9 Braun, JS: Panel Discussion: Director Experiences with governance change and strategic planning
WAM-D.3 Bronson, FL: SrI2 Scintillator: Low Energy Performance and Applications
TAM-D.1 Bullock, CA: Measurements of Alpha and Beta Radiation from Uncontaminated Surfaces of Common Building Materials
TPM-E.1 Bushberg, JT: Communicating the Science and Risk of Emerging Technologies in a Sea of Intuitive Toxicology and Cognitive Bias
MPM-D.1 Bushberg, J: Medical Radiation Exposure of Patients in the United States
TAM-F.4 Cacao, E: Radiation Effects on Neurogenesis: A Mechanistic Modeling Approach
WPM-E2.2 Case, RL: Operational Health Physics Challenges: From Discovery to Recovery of a Leaking Transuranic Glovebox at Idaho National Laboratorys Materials and Fuels Complex
WAM-F.5 Caudill, JS: Mainland Japan Ship and Shore Medical Clinic Radiation Health Program Standardization
TAM-B.14 Chang, LA: Health Physics Analysis of Cs-131 Mesh Implants for Colorectal Cancer
WAM-C.7 Chapman, JA: Emerging Radiation Detection Calibration Requirements in Homeland Security Applications
TAM-D.2 Chastenet, M: Statistical Analysis for Indistinguishable from Background Unrestricted Release of Property Using Visual Basic
TAM-F.3 Chauhan, V: Exploring the Adverse Outcome Pathway Framework in Radiation Risk Assessment: A Case Example of Radon-Induced Lung Carcinogenesis
THAM-D.1 Chen, SY: A Conceptual Approach to the Remediation of Wide-Area Radioactive Contamination
THAM-B.1 Chen, G: RadResponder Network - A Quick Walkthrough With The Newest Updates
MPM-F.6 Chen, ML: Validation of a Dose Assessment Tool to be Used in Loose Contamination Exercises
WPM-C.4 Chen, RW: Radiological Dispersal Device Simulations Help Responders Save Lives
TAM-E.1 Chou, CK: Overview of Safety Standards for Non-ionizing Electromagnetic Fields (0-300 GHz)
WPM-B.1 Clement, Ch: ICRP’s Role in Engaging with the Public
WAM-B.4 Coates, R: Practicality, Common Sense and Value for Society
THPM-A.1 Coates, R: IRPA Workshop on Public Understanding
WAM-D.2 Collins, SL: Radio Frequency Immunity Testing of Two Ion Chamber Instruments
MPM-C.5 Connolly, DA: HPS Interaction with Congress
TAM-A.1 Cool, DA: The Use and Misuse of Effective Dose
WAM-B.2 Cool, DA: Where do we go from here on the quest for reasonableness?
WAM-C.9 Cope, SJ: Testing of Transuranic Activity Estimation in the iSolo® Radon Rejection Algorithm
TAM-C.5 Costigan, SA: Investigation of a Plutonium 238 Skin Puncture Event
THAM-A.4 Coyne, MC: Developing Compact Deuterium-Deuterium (DD) Generator Based In Vivo Neutron Activation Analysis (IVNAA) as a New Method for Measuring Sodium (Na) in Bone and Soft Tissue
WAM-F.4 Dant, JT: Applying the ALARA Principles to Maneuvering in a Fallout Environment
TAM-A.3 Dauer, LT: Say What? Patient-Centered Communication on Benefits and Risks
TAM-B.12 Davila, AD: Evaluating Feline Release Criteria Following Iodine-131 Treatment For Hyperthyroidism
TAM-A.2 Daxon, EG: Science Is Not Enough
THAM-B.2 Decair, S: Myths about Protective Action Guides (PAGs)
WPM-E2.1 DiMarco, DJ: Visualization Of Radioiodine Distribution In Silver Zeolite Cartridges With Gamma-Ray Imaging
WPM-B.7 Dojcanova, L: The Role of the International Atomic Energy Agency in Communication of Radiation Safety Principles in Other than Emergency Situations
WAM-A.5 Dumit, S: Chelation Modeling: The Use of Ad Hoc Models and Approaches to Overcome a Dose Assessment Challenge
TAM-C.8 Dumit, S: Historical Plutonium Contaminated Wound: Progression of the Calculated Dose During and After Chelation Treatment
WPM-E1.5 Dyken, JJ: Public Health Evaluation of Radiologic Contamination in St. Louis – Coldwater Creek
TAM-D.5 Egidi, P: International Radiation Protection and Waste Management Guidance for NORM/TENORM Sites
MPM-F.5 Exline, PR: Passive Neutron Activation Detectors
TAM-B.7 Fenelon, PJ: A New Era of Medical Radiation Shielding: Environmentally Friendly Lead-Free Alternate for the Attenuation of X- and Gamma Rays
WAM-A.4 Findley, WM: Health Physics and Medical Management of a Pu-238 Contaminated Wound
WPM-C.1 Finklea, LF: A Simulation Tool for Optimizing Community Reception Center Operations
THAM-B.7 Finklea, LR: Streamlining Public Health Planning for Radiation Emergencies:A Tool to Transform Point of Dispensing Plans into Community Reception Center Plans
MPM-C.3 Flannery, CM: NRC/HPS: A Relationship that Informs Radiation Protection
TPM-B.4 Foreman, C: Estimation of External Dose Rates to Hotel Workers from I-131 Patients
TAM-E.2 Foster, KR: Transient Thermal Responses of Tissue to Millimeter-wave Pulses
TPM-A.1 Frazier, JR: Risk Communications in the Context of Low Dose Health Effects: Communicating in the Courtroom
TAM-B.10 Frometa-Castillo, T: The Statistical Models Project Normal Tissue Complication Probability in the Radiation Protection for Evaluating Risk of Radiation Injuries
TAM-C.6 Gadd, MS: Application of the Los Alamos Screening Wound Counter to a 238Pu Contaminated Wound
THAM-C.5 Ghimire, L: Estimation of Lifetime Doses to the Public Living Close to NPPs Using Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) Measurements on Extracted Tooth Enamel
MPM-D.3 Gilley, DB: International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA) Efforts to Improve Radiation Protection and Patient Safety
TPM-C2.1 Goans, RE: The Neutrophil-Lymphocyte Ratio as a Triage Tool – The REAC/TS Accident Registry Experience
WPM-C.2 Goldhagen, P: Efficient Contamination Screening at Community Reception Centers in Response to a Radiological Dispersal Event
WPM-E1.1 Graham, HR: The Creation of a Moose Voxel Model: Part I - Segmentation
THAM-C.2 Griffin, K: Dosimetric Impact of a New Computational Voxel Phantom Series for the Japanese Atomic Bomb Survivors: Children and Adults
TPM-F.5 Grimm, SL: Radiation Safety Challenges Using High Activity Radioactive Sources In An Open Configuration On A Military Base
WAM-A.9 Guilmette, RA: Recent Research On Improved Chelating Agents For Decorporation Radionuclides
TAM-E.4 Haes, DL: RF FIELD MEASUREMENTS: Overview of Instruments and Techniques
WAM-F.6 Hale, AC: Developing a Unified Radon Policy for the US Air Force
TAM-D.4 Hargraves, JT: Uptake of Radionuclides by Plants from Soils at Uranium Mine Impacted Sites
TAM-C.1 Harley, NH: Radon Recommendations: NCRP vs. ICRP
WPM-E1.4 Hayes, JM: Effective environmental Half Life of 134Cs and 137Cs in Fukushima Prefecture When Compared to Theoretical Decay Models
TPM-C2.3 Hayes, JM: The Pseudo Pelger-Huet Anomaly as a Potential Biodosimeter for Chronic Low Dose Radiation Exposures of Japanese Wild Boar
WAM-B.5 Held, KD: Thoughts on Tolerability/Reasonableness from NCRP
WAM-B.6 Hertel, NE: A Dilettante Looks at ICRP Publication 138
WAM-C.6 Higley, KA: Can the Roadmap for ROSS Ready Use a Higher Education Expressway?
MPM-A.6 Hilsabeck, JR: 3D Gamma Source Mapping and Intervention Analysis
WAM-D.10 Hogue, MG: Introducing the R Programming Package, `radsafer`
TPM-B.7 Holiday, S: Functions of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission Advisory Committee on the Medical Uses of Isotopes - Part II
WAM-E.2 Hoover, MD: Nanotechnology and Radiation Protection: HPS Nanotechnology Committee Activities and Opportunities
WAM-E.1 Hoover, MD: Aerosol Science Advances and Challenges in Radiation Protection: Thirty Years of Experience and Insights from the Air Monitoring Users Group
WAM-C.3 Howe, MF: Threat and Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment/Stakeholder Preparedness Review (THIRA/SPR) for Technical Audiences
WAM-C.5 Irwin, WE: The ROSS Position Task Book, FEMA 509 Typing and OneResponder
MPM-F.1 Irwin, WE: The Radiological Operations Support Specialist at Cobalt Magnet 19
WAM-C.8 Iwatschenko-Borho, MA: Routine Alarm Performance Testing And Quantitative Multi Energy Calibration Of A Spectroscopic Radiation Pager Using Test Adapters Containing Less Than 10 nCi Of Natural Radioactivity
TAM-B.3 Iwatschenko-Borho, MA: Dosimetry In Pulsed Radiation Fields – Features And Measurement Data Of An Innovative Active Alarming Personal Dosimeter
MPM-F.2 Jaczko, G: Managing First Responder Dose in Severe Reactor Accidents: The Role for Wearable Selective Shielding
TAM-D.3 Jannik, GT: Long-Term Assessment of Critical Radionuclides and Associated Environmental Media at the Savannah River Site
TPM-E.3 Jo, MC: Commercial Wireless Towers on Campus
TAM-C.10 Jokisch, DW: A Review of Computational Dosimetry for Intakes of Strontium-90
MPM-F.4 Kahn, RA: Orphan Source Search and Secure Program: Issues, Achievements, Sustainability
TAM-F.5 Kaiser, JC: Integrating Molecular Biology And Radioepidemiology For Biologically-Based Risk Estimation With Mechanistic Models Of Carcinogenesis
MPM-A.7 Kaletsch, K: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Deployed Radiation Measurement System
WAM-C.2 Kamen, J: Update on the Removal of Risk from Dirty Bomb
THAM-C.6 Keith, LS: Health Effects from Exposure to Thorium
TPM-F.6 Kennedy, MJ: Guide to an Effective Database Transfer
MPM-A.2 Khodyuk, I: RadSolver - Sensitive Affordable Gamma Imager
TAM-B.6 Kim, JY: Dosimetric Characterization of a High Efficiency Gaseous Neutron Dosemeter Consisting of 95 Multi-elements
WPM-D.2 Kirr, M: Comparison of Lens of the Eye Doses Determined Using Collar and Eye Dosimeters
TAM-C.7 Klumpp, JA: Case Study of a Wound Contaminated With 238Pu
TAM-C.9 Klumpp, JA: Mitigating the Psychological Harm from Actinide Intakes
WAM-A.1 Klumpp, JA: Dosimetry of a Wound Contaminated with 238Pu During and After Medical Intervention
TPM-C2.4 Kocemba, M: Detection of Early Radiation Damage to the Eye-Lens of Rainbow Trout
WPM-A.1 Koontz, AJ: Applying the Cultural Tool-Kit Perspective to Foster Inclusive Interactions
MPM-C.6 Kosti, O: Recent National Academies’ Activities on Radiation Health Effects
TPM-F.1 Kurgatt, S: Managing Safe Use of Lasers at a Academic and Medical Institution
WAM-A.3 LaBone, TL: Chelation Therapy at the Savannah River Site 1986-2006: A Personal Recollection
THAM-D.4 Lamb, SD: IPCM12 Radon Enhancements
WPM-A.9 Lanza, JJ: The NCRP: Why You Need to Know About This Organization?
WAM-B.3 Lecomte, JF: IRPA/SFRP workshops on the practical implementation of the ALARA principle
WPM-A.4 Lee, MB: The Hidden Keys to a Successful Radiation Protection Culture
THAM-B.3 Leek, AE: Risk Based Decision-making During a Radiation Incident
WAM-C.1 Leek, A: FEMA CBRN RadResponder Network; Transforming Radiological Emergency Response
MPM-D.4 Lemieux, B: Discussion
MPM-B.2 Lewandowski, M: Role of Director in Revised HPS Governance Mode
MPM-B.4 Lewandowski, M: A Strategic Board: Implementation of HPS Strategic Planning 2016 to Today
MPM-C.1 Little, CA: The HPS Government Relations Program: Our Members Voice in Washington
TPM-D.2 Littleton, BK: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Update on Compliance Codes
WPM-E1.3 Liu, na: Environmental Thermoluminescent Dosimetry Program of Nevada National Security Site
THAM-D.2 Lively, JW: Scanning Spectroscopy v. Randomized Discrete Soil Samples -- A Case Study In Surface Soil Characterization Data Quality
WPM-B.3 Lochard, Ja: Risk Communication and Public Understanding About Radiation: Some Lessons from Nuclear Accidents
WAM-B.1 Lochard, J: About the Tolerability of Radiological Risk
MPM-B.5 Mahathy, JM: HPS 2017 Goal Priority A1, Leverage Annual Meeting Resources to Engage Members - Presentations
TAM-B.13 Majali, M: Additional Shielding Materials to Pre-existing Shielding in Diagnostic Radiology facilities
WPM-A.2 Manglass, LM: Accommodating Personnel with Disabilities – What does Accessibility Really Mean?
TPM-C2.2 Manglass, LM: Uptake of 239Pu in Common Environmental Bacteria Evaluated for Transcriptional Changes as a Result of Low-Dose Radiological Exposures
TPM-E.4 Marcy, BS: Health Physics Considerations for Fielding of the Army Solid State Active Denial Technology
THAM-B.6 Marianno, CM: The Use of PET/CT to Evaluate Internal and External Contamination on a Canine Exposed to a Contaminated Environment
TPM-D.4 Marshall, SA: On Sampling The Background Indoor Particulate Resuspension Factor
MPM-D.2 Martel, CB: Past, present and future of patient radiation dose management efforts - has progress been made?
WPM-B.6 Martinez, NE: By any Other Name: is `Risk Communication` What we Mean?
WAM-B.7 Martinez, NE: What is Reasonable Radiation Protection for Non-human Biota?
THAM-C.7 McComish, SL: Limitations of Cause of Death Data Among Autopsied Population in the United States Transuranium and Uranium Registries
MPM-A.10 Menge, JP: Fuji Electric Innovation in Radiation Detection
TPM-B.5 Miller, MA: Radioactive Decedants - What are the Risks?
MPM-A.11 Miller, DG: Chase Environmental Group - Decommissioning & Brokerage Services
MPM-E.5 Miller, DG: Decommissioning Lessons Learned for Academic and Research Reactor Institutions
MPM-F.3 Milligan, PA: Risk Informing Emergency Preparedness for Small Modular Reactors and other New Technologies
WPM-A.7 Montgomery, DA: The HPS Student Support Committee: Current Initiatives
WAM-E.3 Moore, ME: Measuring Air Sampler Filter Material For Pressure Drop, Aerosol Collection Efficiency, Alpha Spectrum Resolution And Radon Progeny Collection LAUR-19-21686
TAM-B.8 Morgan, TL: The Radiation Safety Officer as an Advocate for Patient Safety
MPM-B.6 Morgan III, TL: HPS 2017 Goal Priority A1, Leverage Annual Meeting Resources to Engage Members – PDS and PEP Talks
WAM-C.4 Morton, AJ: Benchmarking Utility for Performance Evaluations of Radionuclide Identification Algorithms
WAM-D.7 Mozhayev, AV: Understanding the Radiation Soaking Effect in Neutron Survey Meters
TPM-F.4 Nagata, JS: Doing More with Less: Increasing Health Physics Capabilities in a Resource-Limited Environment
TPM-B.1 Niskanen, HK: The Development, Validation, And Application Of A Monte Carlo-based CBCT Model To Investigate Patient Size Impact On Organ Dose
WAM-D.8 Omar-Nazir, L: Development of a Silicon-Plastic Scintillator Coincidence Beta-ray Spectrometer
THAM-A.6 Overbay, LA: Implementation of ALARA Practices for Accelerator Maintenance Work in High Radiation Areas
WPM-D.1 Passmore, CN: Comparison of Extremity Dose for Nuclear Medicine Workers using Finger Stall and TLD Ring Dosimeters
MPM-B.7 Perle, SC: HPS 2017 Goal Priority A1, Leverage Annual Meeting Resources to Engage Members – Affiliate Interactions
WAM-D.6 Piper, RK: Countering Detector Sensitivity Changes when Calibrating Neutron Survey Instruments and Reference Fields
MPM-B.8 Placeholder, TB: Leading to the future: opportunities for early career members
TAM-C.4 Poudel, D: Biokinetics of Pu-238 Oxides: Inferences from Bioassay Data
TAM-B.4 Pringle, D: Dose Analysis & Comparison For Landauer Personnel Dosimetry & Philips Dose-Wise Dose Management System
WAM-F.3 Prins, RD: Neutron Spectra and Energy Deposition in a Computational Phantom
WPM-E2.3 Ramey, AJ: Military and American National Standards Institute Testing of a Tritium In Air Monitor
WPM-D.3 Ramlo, MJ: Improving Reproducibility in TLD Dosimetry Systems
MPM-A.9 Ramsay, BM: Odyssey: A Web-Based Modern Management System for Radiation Safety Programs
WPM-C.5 Rand, LE: Assessing RadTriage Colorimetric Dosimeter Response to Low-Dose Gamma-Ray Exposure
WPM-C.3 Rasmituth, J: Cesium Irradiators - Replacement and Removal: Lessons Learned
WAM-D.5 Raudabaugh, JM: Real-time Dosimetry of I-131 Using Nano fiber-Optic Detection Technology
MPM-E.1 Ribaudo, CA: Leaking Ni-63 Source from Ionscan Chemical Agent Detectors
TAM-B.9 Ring, JP: Simplifying the Identification and Management of Radiation Protective Apparel
MPM-C.2 Ring, JP: Health Physics Society Government Relations Committee
TPM-F.2 Robinson, J: Response to a Spill Involving Lutetium-177 in a Radiation Use Facility
THAM-A.1 Rokni, SH: Radiation Safety Systems for the LCLS-II Project at SLAC: Use of Beam Loss Monitors to Supplement Shielding
TPM-F.3 Root, CM: A Mixed Methods Approach for Improving the Radiation Safety Climate at Princeton University
TAM-B.11 Safavi, F: 131I-Iomab-B Blood Sample Handling and Occupational Radiation Extremity Exposures
TPM-B.2 Safavi, F: Occupational Radiation Exposures to Clinical Staff Working With I-131-Iomab-B
THAM-B.5 Salame-Alfie, A: Implementation Guidance for Emergency Response Dosimetry
WPM-D.6 Samuels, CE: Dose Rate Simulations of Uranium Ore Samples in the Grand Canyon Museum Collection
TPM-C1.4 Sasaki, M: Minimum Provable Risk Considering the Variation in Background Risk
TPM-B.3 Schultz, DB: The Adventures of a Health Physicist in Nuclear Medicine as a Patient
TPM-B.6 Sheetz, MA: Functions of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission Advisory Committee on the Medical Uses of Isotopes - Part I
THAM-C.4 Shishkina, E: Uncertainty of Dose Factors for Bone Marrow Dosimetry of Bone-seeking Sr-90 and Sr-89
THAM-C.1 Shonka, JJ: The First Dirty Bomb, Trinity
WPM-A.8 Simpkins, AA: Getting Involved in the Health Physics Society –Straightforward and Rewarding
MPM-B.3 Simpkins, AA: History of HPS Strategic Planning: Dodd, Simpkins, Lanza
TAM-B.2 Smiley, BR: Development of Novel Nano-Fiber Optic Detector Technology for Real-time Detection of Beta Energy in a Pure Beta Emitter (P-32)
TPM-D.5 Snyder, SF: DOE Subpart H Report
WPM-A.6 Sowers, DA: Alignment of the Definition of Health Physics and Job Description of a Health Physicist
WAM-D.1 Squillante, JJ: Liquid Scintillation Counter And Wipe Efficiency For Alpha-Emitting Nuclides
THAM-A.5 Stavola, AJ: Characterization of Measured Activity and Collection Efficiency of Tritium Smears
TAM-F.1 Stricklin, DL: The Framework for an Adverse Outcome Pathway for Radiation Carcinogenesis
TAM-C.2 Strom, DJ: Cylindrical Representations of Recycling Biokinetic Models
MPM-E.4 Sturchio, GM: Haute Compliance: A Radiation Safety Management System in Use
WAM-A.2 Sugarman, SL: Early Wound Assessment: The Derived Reference Level (DRL)
WAM-D.9 Sullivan, DF: Adding the Ability to Quantify Activity to a Radionuclide Identification Device
WAM-D.11 Taleyarkhan, RP: Novel, Low-Cost, Light-Weight, High Efficiency (H* Capable) Neutron Detection-Dosimetry
TAM-E.3 Tell, RA: Assessing RF Exposure by Analysis: Estimating RF Fields through Calculation
TAM-E.5 Tell, RA: RF Safety Programs: The What, Why, When and Where
TAM-F.2 Tharmalingam, S: Review of Modern Molecular and Cellular Low Dose Radiation Literature Reveals Need for Paradigm Shifts in Radiation Biology
THAM-C.8 Tolmachev, SY: Case Studies in Brain Dosimetry for Internally Deposited Radionuclides
WAM-A.6 Toohey, RE: Efficacy of DTPA Chelation of Actinides – The REAC/TS Experience
THAM-A.2 Torres, MC: Review of RAM Experiments a Graded Approach on Radiological Controls
WPM-A.3 Trimas, DJ: The Mentor–Apprentice Relationship: A Closer Look of Intergenerational Interactions in the Workplace
THAM-A.3 Trovati, S: Radiation Shielding Design of a Cryo-Module Test Facility
WPM-E1.2 Tzivaki, M: The radiation dose response of Zebra Mussels (Dreissena polymorpha) from the Great Lakes
TPM-C2.5 Usupzhanova, DY: Comparative Analysis of The Effect of Low Doses of Radiation on Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells.
WAM-A.7 Van der Meeren, A: DTPA efficacy after wound contamination with Am: comparison of various administration protocols
WAM-D.4 Voss, JT: Challenges In Monitoring For Transuranics
TPM-C1.2 Walker, SA: US EPA Superfund Model for Assessing Radon and Thoron Intrusion
TPM-C1.3 Walker, SA: US EPA Superfund Assessing Risks and Doses of Homegrown Food at Contaminated Sites
WAM-C.10 Waller, EJ: Nuclear and Radiological Emergency Preparedness and Natural Disasters
TPM-D.1 Walsh, JP: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Update on the Radionuclide NESHAPs
TAM-B.5 Wang, Q: Selective-reconstruction Methods and A Microscopic-system Design for Spectral Computed Tomography
THAM-D.6 WANG, XX: Discussions on Radiation Protection Design under Accident Condition of China PWR
TPM-D.3 Ward, AL: Resuspension and Redistribution of Plutonium and Americium in the WIPP Environment
TPM-C1.1 Werneth, CM: A Methodology for Investigating the Impact of Biological Countermeasures on the Risk of Exposure Induced Death
WAM-E.4 Whicker, JJ: Health Physics Society rules governing formation of a proposed new Aerosols/Emerging Technologies Section
TAM-A.4 Wieder, JS: Risk Communication in Emergency Response and Recovery
MPM-C.4 Wieder, JS: Interactions Between EPA and HPS Strengthen Both Organizations
MPM-A.8 Winso, JH: RN SUITE: a Synthetic Radiological Training Environment
THAM-D.3 Witmer, M: Lessons Learned from the Development of a Web-Based System for Managing Gamma Scan Data
WPM-B.2 Yoshida, Hi: Current issues and thoughts for RP professionals regarding Public Understanding on radiation and risk
MPM-A.1 Zickefoose, J: Continuous and Unattended Spectroscopic Operation and Analysis with the Mirion Data Analyst